Mr Gay sat against a tree, nursing a sprained wrist. He had been practising his taijutsu a little too hard and sprained it a day ago. Sighing, he removed his mask and wiped his face with a cloth, not noticing the approaching figure. The breeze blew against the trees and soon Mr Gay noticed the stranger. "Who's there?"

The stranger appeared in a black and silver flash of light his cloak fluttering in the wind showing his sword and Gantlets."The name is Ryuu whats youres?"Ryuu asked with curiosity in his tone.

"Mr gay, it's a pleasure." He got to his feet and dusted himself, looking at the newcomer. To most, Ryuu would be an imposing figure. He paid it no mind, since he had fought meaner and nastier things during the war and his time as a reaper-nin. "You don't look like you're from around here..."

"You are correct Mr Gay i am not from here i was heading back to my village to report my succsess to The Hokage i was about to make camp here when i saw you are you up for a friendly spar?"Ryuu asked hoping to have some fun before he went back home.

"Friendly spar? I don't do 'friendly'. I'm not from here either. I'm a Sabotengakure ninja. Yet, I will accept your request." Reigen got up, pulled out a scroll and out popped a long scythe. He picked it up and looked at Ryuu. "Ready?"

"I guess"Ryuu said in a drawl as he activated his Fuingan and placed 6 Hiraishin Seals around the clearing and used the Kirigakure Jutsu to hide his physical presence.

Mr Gay smirked then pulled an exploding tag ball out of his scroll, jumped up and threw it down, the explosion scattering the mist. He then landed on a tree branch and waited for any sign of Ryuu.

Ryuu appeared behind him with his Hidden Blades extended at his throat.

Mr Gayn stared in shock then ducked down and aimed a kick at Ryuu's leg.