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Team 20
Name Team 20
Kanji 第二十班, 第20班
Rōmaji Dainijippan
Team Information
Leaders Male symbolTaireru - New Captain
Male symbolArekkusu - Deceased Captain

Male symbolShinryū Hyūga - Member
18px-Gender Female.svgAyaka Haruno - Member
Male symbolKairu - Member
Male symbolKenta - Substitute Leader

Affiliations Konohagakure
18px-Gender Female.svgYuki Asuka

Team 20 is a genin team led by Arekkusu during missions and the Chūnin Exams. It currently consists of 5 members:

  • Shinryū Hyūga, a member of the team, and the adoptive brother of Arekkusu, and the cousin of Neji Hyūga;
  • Ayaka Haruno, also a member of the team; she is the young cousin of Sakura Haruno;
  • Kairu is a new member of Team 20, hailing from Amegakure;
  • Taireru is the new team Captain for his brother, Arekkusu. He will usually be in charge of the team unless substituted for another captain;
  • Yuki Asuka Is the newest member and is Taireru's wife.

Arekkusu, Kairu and Shinryu as Jonin

These are some previous members that either died or left the team for one reason or another:

  • Arekkusu, the Captain, originally hailing from Kumogakure, went to the village of Konoha and became the captain of this team. he is also the cousin of Kakashi Hatake; But died in Kumo after a battle with a guy named Raiden Hoshima;
  • Kenta was a substitute captain for the team when Arekkusu was absent to guard Kumogakure. He left after hearing that Arekkusu died and Taireru started serving as the new captain.