Mayumi Tōhō (東洋真由美, Tōyō Mayumi) Is a female Jounin and Kunoichi from Konohagakure. She is also a member of the famed Tōhō clan which is well known for their wind Jutsu. She was a member of Team 25 under Hizarshi Hyūga, alongside Amai Momchi,  and Ling Yao. She had encountered Naruto and helped him out of sticky situations in the past.

Background Edit

Mayumi was born the firstborn of Mako and Ichigo Tōhō. She is the older sister of Renji Tōhō. As a child she and heiress of the clan, she was trained in proper manners and received clan training. During her days at the academy, she met Itachi Uchiha and developed a crush on him. Having lost a cousin and uncle to the 2nd Great Shinobi war, she developed similar views to Itachi about war and conflict.

Mayumi also saved a young Naruto from being beaten by a shopkeeper, she even let him come over to the Tōhō compound for dinner when she learned that he was orphaned. She also saved Saskue from Tōhō clan members who tried to kill him. She stated she dislikes bullying as she defends Naruto from Sakura and other children. She graduated at the top of her class and was placed in Team 25 under Hizarshi Hyūga.

She and her team went on dangerous assignments and high-risk missions mostly due to Hizarshis love of violence and money. However even though this bothered her a lot and she got mad at her sensei, it gave her time to hone her skills and gain experience. Later it after being promoted to Chuunin, she learned that her clan was to look after Naruto as it was the 4th Hokages will for theTōhō to watch over him. However, due to village politics, the clan couldn't adopt Naruto.

Ichigo and the third Hokage askes Mayumi to watch over Naruto, and the Third gives her the mission to accompany Naruto on his journey through the academy and aid Team 7. Mayumi accepts this without hesitation. She arrives just in time to break up a fight between Sakura, Ino, and Naruto. She then scolded Sakura and Ino for getting upset over a simple accident. Iruka then arrived and asked Mayumi to introduce herself which she did the class was shocked as to why a Chuunin was doing here.

Mayumi assisted Iruka and helped keep the class in line. Later she was assigned to Team 7 on the Hokage's orders. And followed them on their journey.

Personality Edit

Mayumi is very sweet and kind. She loves childern, however, she acts motherly scolding Sakura and Ino and Naruto. Also due to Hizarshis tough training regime