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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/23/2015

A Canon Storyline

For the last two years, we have been talking about this being a single story wiki however, it has never had a solid canon storyline and our attempts have utterly failed. But now, we will have a storyline that won't fail and will rival and perhaps surpass the actual canon and that of Naruto Fanon. Of course, I can't go into too much details on the plot though I will leave some information here and there for you to find and have fun with. But this storyline will require a lot of time to set up due to the amount of details required and rules have to be changed to fit as well. Many past role plays unfortunately will also be deemed non-canon as they won't fit within the storyline but I'll try to fit in as much of what is already here as possible. Naturally, there will be adaptations here and there because that is the nature of a story where everyone doesn't know the plot but ultimately, it builds on the manga and anime. So you better get ready because it will be here before you know it!
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• 9/10/2014

Battle for the Net: Internet Slowdown

As you may or may not know, for some time, the internet has not been well, as good as it once was. By this I mean that in order for a company like a gaming corporation with an MMORPG to have the best internet possible, they have to bid for it, the highest bidder getting the best service while everyone got equal service before. This has caused me to end playing my favorite game, Rift Planes Of Telara..........however, it seems to be going even farther. Some cable companies want to charge websites extra for delivering their content and any website that refuses to apparently will be slowed down. More details at Battle for the Net: Internet Slowdown.  I for one do not believe it should be allowed and I am asking everyone to vote here on it. If a majority agrees that it is a bad thing and we want to fight it, then we will put our voice out there if not, we will do nothing.
So, what do you vote?
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• 9/9/2014

The Nostalgia Within The Air, Battle Between Old Friends

So that I don't have to keep going to everyone's wall and telling you that it's your turn and others missing that someone took their turn, I've created this thread for us to archive whose turn it is and who has gone. Also, when we are not all on chat, we can use this to discuss the RP.
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• 6/9/2014

A New Administration System Is Coming

As many of you old time users know, our system has changed very little since the beginning of the wiki's founding however, the system we have employed is too hierarchy which causes many of our issues among other things which is why I am announcing that coming soon (hopefully), I'll be introducing a new and more democrate system to our little wiki so that everyone can feel important here.
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• 2/21/2014


Well, I was hoping to create a character that's foreign of ninja culture in canon,exploring possibilities of worlds/civilizations apart from the usual? Perhaps there should be shinobi,but at minority since there should be other martial practises that would spice things up in fight scenes and all that. I've tried it before albeit being short-lived, it made things interesting. :)
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• 2/1/2014


pretty much im going to critisize your guys pages, its apart of being in a fanon so get use to it everyone. You can have the best page in the world that even god accepts it, i will still critisize it that;'s how it works. That saying if you don't have something nice to say then dont say anything at all doesnt apply to fanon's so please get use to it and dont take it like were attacking you cuz were not. Please i support people to critisize others pages it makes them develop it more.
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• 12/1/2015


So ive decided to go and change a few things around the site, one is i am updating the main page lol with useful information. The Winner of the Poll was Hansha Uchiha and he will be posted on the Featured Article. Its time we get more active around here i have also changed the theme song on the main page. 
Im going to try and not be as limitng as i was before but still will have limits. The Doujutsu Store will change so its not as limitng the thing listed in there will be gained through a different method so as of right now they are off limits but this new way will be more fun and rewarding.
Im going to make an offical Uchiha Act like if it was written by the Kages themsevles to better explian why they are being hunted and maybe put some other stuff in there.
While im not the best roleplayer im going to make a small guide on it and what i think a good roleplayer should do now this is not to contradicts boredfans but its to show my view on it and how you should make and treat characters. It will be in blog form, were going to start having our own achievements as well not just the wiki kind but my own that will be awarded to people and characters which will give them special privleges.
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• 12/1/2015

Naruto: Legacy Of Madara Uchiha STARTS NOW  has started come see its to late to enter but enjoy the writing of others.
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• 1/15/2014

New Newsletter out!

The new newsletter is out! Here is the link,
If you have any ideas for the next Newsletter it would be nice if you posted the ideas on my wall.
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• 12/1/2015

Naruto Movie Update

The Legacy of Madara Uchiha will start in 9 days, we might prolong it a little bit but as of right now it seems that it will start on January 21. I will release the rules and a guide to how this movie will work. Please sign up we need more positions filled we only have 4 filled with 8 more slots open. This story will test your roleplaying skills and have amazing battles which you thought you would have never faced. Come join now
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• 1/6/2014

Unofficial Writing & Roleplaying Guide

Currently, the organization system for the guide is being drastly revamped. In order to revamp it, the second page made for the guide will eventually be deleted but the info on there will be split up among several pages and the first page , the original will be changed explain the guide's purpose and will have a introduction as well as a section that acts as the guide's history. In order to do all this, I have taken the index template used for the rules and recreated it specifically for the guide.
While if you do some poking around you may be able to find it, I prefer that most people do not touch it as one wrong change can screw everything up and it's too important for just anyone to edit like the rules index template. At this time, only I will edit it however, that honor will eventually be given to others as they prove their worth by helping with the guide and doing things in the community in general. Currently, only myself and User:Aryannaluvsu are working on the guide though User:Na'Jorne told me he will help more once his writer's block is gone so only us three are allowed to edit it right now but if you would like to contribute, post on the talk page of either the guide's main page or one of the pages listed on the index.
I can't stress how important it is to stick to the subject which the page talks about if it is one of those subpages since talking about for example, Kekkei Genkai there would serve no purpose and would be best on the kekkei genkai page's talk page. For the guide in general, use the main page. Once this guide has most of the desired information, it will become the wiki's official guide for roleplaying, fanfictions, character creation and be featured on the main page of the wiki.
Thank you for reading!
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• 1/6/2014

The Normal Point System

The point system I created has been deleted upon agreement by myself and User:SageOfDespair due to the difficulty we all have had keeping up with it. Something else may or may not replace the point system, it is unknow at this time however, if something does, we want the opinions and ideas of you, the community before we create it.
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• 1/6/2014

New Manuel Of Style Overhaul

I reworked the Characater portion of the manuel of style, please come check it out this is what we will be following from now on. I found several pages which follow a system like this and thought it made sense. I also remember someone telling me along time ago that when you first meet someone you look at there appearance then get to know them so it really works. You can also rework your current characters into this style if you wish but do not have to as they can stay the same if you wish.
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• 1/3/2014

Kazekage Resignation

Hello fellow users of Naruto Fanon Central.
As you know, I took over the Kazekage job from User:SageOfDespair not to long ago, becoming the third Kazekage however, I have decided to retire from the job because it has been interfering with my enjoyment of the site due to the pressures of the job. I will stay be around as a bureaucrat and the Hokage but I hand the job back over to our 2nd Kazekage.
I wish him good luck.
=Lord of the bored, User:Boredfan1= 00:04, January 3, 2014 (UTC)
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• 12/25/2013

Merry Christmas, or Happy what ever you celebrate

Just wanted to take the time to tell everyone Merry Christmas, or Happy whatever you celebrate
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• 12/23/2013

Nature types and how you mistranslate them

So i saw some pages i wont say which or who made them, that tried to create there own techniques and failed while translating them to romaji. Not the technique itself but the nature release ex. Fire Release. They mistranslated it in there romaji part of the infobox and you know why well thats because the names of nature types dont translate into romaji. SHOCKER right lol anyways i will tell you how to place it in the romaji part and how to translate it. Fire Release-Katon, Earth Release-Doton, Water Release-Suiton, Wind Release-Fūton, and Lighting Release-Raiton. Naruto has there own way of translating nature types so i will help you as best i can for future releases you might want to make. First the actual element well idk i tdepends on which element you want but lets look at blaze release, in japanese naruto its En blaze release is translated into Enton, see a similiar thing here with the other above in Naruto Release is Ton, so stick the element in front of ton and you have Blank Release there you go lol.
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• 12/1/2015

Character Infoboxes - Common Mistakes

I have noticed that often, users mislable characters by accident for various reasons so I created this thread to make it clear. The first issue is rank as people put things like S rank or A rank which is not proper. Rank is Genin, Chunin, Jonin and Kage as well as other miscellaneous ranks. The second most popular mistake is classification which can indeed be hard at times however, the classifications are as followed; Kage, sage, Jinchuriki, sensory type, traveler, rogue ninja/missing ninja, etc. When putting their criminal rank, do not simply put the ketter there such as A or S, that makes little sense, put S ranked criminal or A ranked criminal, etc. With that in mind, understand that normal shinobi who belong to a village don't have a letter classification, that is reserved for rogue ninja and missing ninja only.
At this time, these are all I can think of however, I will update this thread regularly with what I remember to help clear things up.
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• 12/1/2015

Kekkei Genkai Info Box Update

just wanted to say that i updated the Kekkei Genkai Infobox and just added a technique section to it as idk why it was not there to begin with lol. This way you can add any techniques on the infobox it self that associate with that kekkei genkai
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• 12/22/2013


I will be gone most tomorrow, the 20th and 25th however, I will still make one edit both days so I don't lose my progress on tthe Dedication badge. If possible, I'll check in to make sure everything is alright but I am counting on all of you to be on your best behavior.
=Lord of the bored, User:Boredfan1= 07:31, December 20, 2013 (UTC)
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